CRYSTAL WORKS are a collaboration between art and nature - an artform initially formed with dyes and chemicals on glass. Each image is a miniature hand painted work of art as well as an imprint of nature in the form of a crystal. While my work is deliberate, it is chance that gives these crystal images depth, variation and surprise.

The MANDALA ART Series was inspired by my love of color, rhythm and pattern with the added element of simple geometry and experimentation. Each finished mandala seems to take on a life of its own - flowing, healing, energizing.

WHEATEN WORKS are about 2 soft-coated wheaten terriers that came into my life a few years ago, managed to turn my world around and captured my heart in the process. This series consists of pastel drawings, paintings, and digital images.

TRAVEL IMAGES usually begin as digital photographs, shot with a Canon D20.

CURRENTS OF CHANGE: is an ongoing series about art, about life, about transformation.

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