Melanie Light's work has been presented at Ft. Mason in San Francisco, at the O'Hanlon Center in Mill Valley, CA, in New York at the Roerich Museum, at New York's Vasarely Gallery; and also at the Collective for Living Cinema.

Ms. Light's artistry found original expression in environmental and performance art. One major project in which she took part was the "Floating Island, a work designed by artists and architects involving the sinking of a two-ton barge 200 feet off the island of Waikiki to serve as a performance stage for an audience of 2,000. Another was an Earth Day "Icehenge"in Bradford, MA in which the inner burial circle of Stonehenge was recreated from 50 and 100 pound blocks of ice.

Ms. Light was educated at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston where she received a B.F.A. in Art Education/Media. She also studied at the University of Florence, Italy, New York University and at the College of Marin in Marin County, California.

In addition to her art work, Ms. Light has been production assistant for the "Year of the Child" television special sponsored by the United Nations, and staff member of the Education Department of Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. She has also taught art and photography in the Boston public Schools and has conducted art and creativity workshops in San Francisco, Boston and New York.

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